Panasonic U-Shape Steam Iron Review | Editor's Overview

Does Panasonic make everything?  Maybe not, but the company known for stereo electronics and other household devices makes a very good iron as well.  The Panasonic U-Shape Steam Iron is a compact and lightweight iron that features a retractable cord for easy storage.  The iron heats up very quickly, and is great at ironing out the details in clothes. 

This iron has several great features.  The self-cleaning system keeps calcium from building up in the steam vents, allowing users to fill the water tank with tap water rather than filtered or distilled water.  It also has a three way shut off safety feature so you never again have to worry about whether you turned off the iron. 

Features and Specifications

  • U-shaped, non-stick coated, titanium sole plate
  • Anti-calcium self-cleaning system prevents steam vents from clogging
  • 1200 Watts
  • Retractable cord reels in to make storage easier
  • Vertical steam for drapes and hanging garments
  • Three way automatic shut off
  • Push button burst of steam or spray mist
  • Easy to use temperature control dial
  • Ergonomically designed rubber grip handle

What The Customers Are Saying

The Panasonic U-Shape Steam Iron is fantastic.  Customers who chose to review this iron online are giving it high grades.  Over 70% of all reviewers so far have given this iron the highest possible rating.  The negative reviews are negligible and deal mostly with singular issues rather than any common product defect. 

Interestingly, the U-shaped design has not impressed customers.  While striking in appearance, there has been little evidence that the design makes this iron any more effective.  However, the design does not hurt the performance either. 

This iron is small, compact, and gets hot fast.  While it might not be great for hanging dresses or drapes, it is fantastic for detailing shirts and pleats just before dressing for work.  Because this iron is smaller, it gets into corners easier.  The steam burst is not particularly impressive, according to reviews, but does the job very well. 

Reviewers also love the retractable cord.  It works just as described, reeling in the cord after use for easy storage.  While not affecting the performance of the iron, it is an added convenience that customers love. 


  • Convenient retractable cord
  • Heats up in under two minutes
  • Easy to fill water tank
  • Solid base, does not wobble when set vertically
  • Compact, easily gets into hard to reach corners
  • Uses tap water


  • Awkward placement of control dial
  • Not very good for drapes or hanging fabrics


The Panasonic U-Shape Steam Iron is an outstanding iron and is highly recommended.  The customer rating scores for this iron are simply amazing.  Compact and lightweight, this iron is very easy to use.  Because of its small stature, it is great for detailing shirts and pleats.  The water tank is easy to fill with tap water, and the anti-calcium cleaning system keeps hard tap water from clogging the steam holes.  One down side is that this iron is apparently too small and not strong enough to steam drapes.  But considering its price, this iron is going to be hard to beat. 

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